The Lostland: Cover

22 Dec 2011 10:18 am

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28 Dec 2011 08:25 am - by DarklyWhite

This is just a wonderful cover.

28 Dec 2011 01:29 pm - by Mr. Henry

Thanks a ton! I think I could've brought the title closer to the audience now that I look at it.

19 Mar 2012 08:57 pm - by fancykosher

actually the way the title looks infused with the art, or partially hidden, seems to make an impression to me... i think it makes a good stand alone... uh piece... thing... ugh...

20 Mar 2012 07:27 am - by Mr. Henry

@fancykosher Thanks,hope you enjoy the rest of the comic! :)

13 Apr 2013 04:47 pm - by stkbayfield

Gorgeous opening :)

15 Apr 2013 10:06 am - by Mr. Henry

Thanks, glad to hear! :D

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