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The Lostland Codex.

The Lostland

The region where a majority of the story will take place. Generally anything below the Divide(A.K.A. the Lostland/ Sanctum border) is part of this region. The climate here is generally Fall-ish cool and very windy on occasion, kicking up loose dirt and small to medium-sized debris. Most small towns and cities build walls to keep out some, if not all annoying debris. As well as some human-sized nuisances....

>The Divide
Also called the Lostland/Sanctum Border. The Divide is a natural boundary between Lostland and Sanctum formed around the time of the calamity. It's also the only way into Sanctum from Lostland and vice-versa. Since the end of the more turbulent times, most people have just taken to calling it the border(political correctness and such).
-------In the Lostland-------
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The area north of the Divide. Cities in Sanctum are mostly intact, with most of the damage coming from age, lack of maintenance(the technology to do this being either inoperable or non existent) and falling debris from the iron frame above the cities. Living in Sanctum is slightly less harsh than it is in the Lostland, due to there being more places for shelter as well as both natural and man-made barriers.